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大约有12万居民(而且还在增加!), Nepean 是GPK电子游戏娱乐最大的郊区之一吗. 由许多社区组成,包括 Centrepointe 和梅里维尔以及其他地区 Barrhaven and Bells Corners. Get to know the diverse sides of this pleasant community by shopping on bustling Merivale Road, or experience the river view in Andrew Haydon Park.

And if a Nepean move is in your future, it’s good to know that Cassidy’s is a Nepean moving company. You will benefit from our vast experience — over a century moving folks to, from, and around the Ottawa area.Nepean Sign at the Sportsplex

You will be served personally by one of our trained and bonded moving crews, who will handle 用专业的方法保管您的物品. For your Nepean move, experience our outstanding services, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and 加拿大搬家协会.


GPK电子游戏娱乐的移动和存储是一个经验丰富的安大略企业, 一个多世纪以来一直是专业搬家公司. Our moving crews are carefully chosen, well trained, and bonded and cleared. 我们为能熟练安全地搬运您的物品而自豪.

更重要的是,GPK电子游戏娱乐是为尼泊尔人服务的搬运工. 我们对这个地区很熟悉, streets, and all, 我们会尽快让你搬进荷兰的新家, efficiently, and safely.

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Nepean Moving Services

Local Moving Services For Nepean

When you’re planning a local move in Nepean, we don’t have to tell you how great this community is. 你在这里住了一段时间了,所以你已经知道了.

We would like to point out, though, that Cassidy’s are movers servicing Nepean. 是的,我们很乐意帮你搬家. 即使你的新家就在街区那头, 毫无疑问,在某些任务上你仍然需要别人的帮助.

In fact, 如果你允许我们自吹自擂的话, that’s a great advantage of Cassidy’s local moving services; We let you choose the service you want. 这可能意味着我们会帮你收拾房子, through transport, 把所有东西都卸了,重新装好. 或者你可以选择自己做一部分工作来省钱.

Just ask us to send a Nepean Moving Consultant to evaluate the size of your move. 然后让我们谈谈不同服务水平的定价.

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When you’re moving long distance to Nepean, expect a little stress. 每次长途搬家都有它的困难, whether you’re coming from another part of the province or halfway around the world.

不过,一旦你安顿下来,你会爱上尼皮人的. And in the meantime, we at Cassidy’s will do our best to make the transition easier. Our team brings years of experience and a “can-do” attitude to your move.

Ask us about our long distance moving services and which will suit you best. 不要羞于请求专业帮助, like tracking down the forms you’ll need to fill out if you’re immigrating to Canada. 我们会为你多走一公里!

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Are you moving away? You’ll be missed. To see you off in style, allow Cassidy’s to take care of your long distance move from Nepean.

Whether you’ll be moving long distances within Canada or internationally, 我们将为您量身定制搬家服务. It all depends on you. Would you prefer a full-service move that leaves you free to focus for other important tasks? We’re on it. 

或者是一些DIY包装和组织更符合你的风格? No problem; just let us know if you would like packing boxes and supplies delivered to your door … or maybe even a shipping container.

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Moving Supplies

Moving supplies may seem like a small detail in the big picture of your move, but getting your hand on the right supplies – and making sure you have enough of them – can be surprisingly difficult. particularly when you need specialty supplies like oversized cartons.

GPK电子游戏娱乐搬家和存储理解. 既然我们的目标是让你的生活更轻松, we’ve got a great service for you – all the moving supplies you will need, delivered right to your door.


  • Cartons from 2 to 5 cubic feet
  • 特殊用途的纸箱,如衣柜盒
  • Clean ink-free packing paper
  • Mattress bags
  • Moving blankets
  • And lots more – just ask us!

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Why We Love Nepean

We love Nepean. It’s a place with a rich heritage, and the depth of its roots show. 它是以Evan Nepean爵士的名字命名的, who, 从他在英国政府的职位上辞职, played a major part in drawing Canada’s early provincial lines and defending its borders to the south in the 1780s.

The Township of Nepean was founded in 1792, and is one of the region’s oldest. And while it has changed much since then, some things have remained remarkably similar. The roads upon which many Nepean dwellers use on a daily basis—Richmond, Baseline, 和march——都是在1833年之前使用的. In Nepean, it’s not hard to get the sense that you are walking on history.Ben Franklin Place, Nepean

By 1824, 尼皮安作为一个拓荒者城镇而闻名, a place for those who wanted to start a new life full of hope and hard work. 他是尼皮人最信任的搬运工之一, 我们很幸运能够为这段历史添砖加砖, 随着人口增长迁入新移民. Every time we move in a new family, we can see that same hope in their eyes.

Once upon a time in 1820, Nepean’s population was only 191 people, and was growing slowly. 现在,尼皮安是安大略增长最快的地区之一. Its population grew by 19.从2006年到2011年,占总人口的4%,现在大约有16万人.

That’s a pretty fast pace of growth, considering the rest of Ontario grew at an average of about 5.7% over the same period.

为了跟上这种快速增长,GPK电子游戏娱乐的报价 plenty of services 对那些想要搬到或从尼泊尔人那里去的人来说. Here is just a sampling.

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With its parks, sporting venues and entertainment, Nepean is an excellent place for a growing family. During its long history, Nepean has developed a sense of culture that runs deep. It is a place where people rally together to do something great for their community.

And with its quick access to downtown via the 417, it’s convenient for those who work in the core.


在荷兰,大自然是很容易找到的. 该地区毗邻GPK电子游戏娱乐河、里多河和 the National Capital Greenbelt,所以有很多机会享受一些荒野.

The area is also home to plenty of magnificent parks which play host to plenty of fun activities for children and adults alike. Andrew Haydon Park 是午后野餐的好去处吗. It features picturesque, designed ponds, 一个完整的操场和一个防溅垫, 也是观赏GPK电子游戏娱乐河上帆船的绝佳地点. Local photography buffs are often delighted with the opportunities to take pictures of the wild herons that can often be found hunting in the river. 如果你是一个音乐爱好者,一定要去 Nepean音乐会乐队在公园的免费音乐会.

下午出游的另一个好选择是 Centrepointe Park, located right next to Centrepointe Theatre and GPK电子游戏娱乐图书馆的Centrepointe分馆. It offers a rink in the wintertime and a splash pad in the summer. 它还有一个巨大的人工湖, 哪一个提供了更多发现野生动物的机会.


If you or anyone in your family is the sporting type, Nepean has some excellent options. First and foremost is the Nepean Sportsplex. Built in 1973, 体育馆里有一个全尺寸的曲棍球场, curling arena, Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, squash courts, 还有徒步旅行和越野滑雪的小道. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves to compete, or just to challenge themselves.

Nepean对于任何喜欢自行车的人来说都是完美的. 事实上,就在体育广场的后面 six kilometres of forest bike paths known as the Pinhey Forest Trails. 如果你想参观一下这个地区, 有很多自行车道可供选择, 而且大多数步道都与全市相连 国家首都委员会自行车道允许骑自行车的人在城市中自由通行.

If you like horses, there’s Wesley Clover Parks, where you can learn to ride and even compete in equestrian tournaments. 如果你是一个帆船爱好者,你将会在家里 Nepean Sailing Club, whether you like to participate in or just to watch boat races.


荷兰语总有有趣的事情发生. A perfect example is Centrepointe Theatre它以音乐、喜剧、戏剧和其他景点为特色.

更多面向屏幕的娱乐,请查看 Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa这里是看所有最新电影的好地方. There, you’ll find 12 cinemas, a full arcade, and places to buy refreshments.

说到游戏厅,GPK电子游戏娱乐最大的游戏厅之一, Funhaven位于荷兰中部. Funhaven’s attractions feature a huge number of video and carnival-style games, rock climbing, laser tag, and much more. 说荷兰语真的很难让人觉得无聊!

We’re Your Nepean Movers

如果我们让你相信尼皮安是一个生活的好地方, 你得找个搬家公司帮你搬到那里. Cassidy’s is that mover. 拥有超过100年的经验, professional movers, and local know-how, GPK电子游戏娱乐会把你安全送到那里.

尼皮安是一个迷人的地方,充满了历史和文化. 让我们成为你探索它的向导!

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