Traditionally do-it-yourself movers who need to go long distance have very few options. The most common method is renting a truck and driving it to your new destination.

Anyone who has done this will tell you that it is not easy. The expense of renting and fuel is very high. You hope that the truck you get is mechanically sound. You are driving a large unfamiliar truck in unfamiliar places and in any kind of weather. It is a stressful and costly way to move.

Now Cassidy’s with our partners at United Van Lines have come up with a simpler, cheaper and stress free way to move it yourself long distance. It called the Flexible Move System.

How It Works

It’s so simple. Go online to and reserve the container size you need for the day you require. Cassidy’s brings a flatbed to your home with the container(s) you have ordered and you load them with your belongings. Everything you need to safely pack and ship your goods is in the container. United Van Lines ships your containers to your new home and you unload them.

Take the stress out of long distance do-it-yourself moving and check out the advantages of FlexMove. For more details on how this innovative and valuable service works, go to This excellent site has much valuable and interesting information on this service.


“The best move I’ve ever had, make that the best 2 moves, since Cassidy’s also moved everything in and out for my renovation 7 months ago.”

– Nadia O.

Better Business Bureau



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