Moving to 卡尔顿的地方

卡尔顿的地方 Population

卡尔顿的地方 is a small yet vibrant east Ontario town on the Canadian Mississippi River. Though its population numbers only 12,000, this long-established community traces its roots back to the early 1800s.

Residents are justly proud of their town. That pride is partly due to 卡尔顿的地方‘s lovely natural surroundings and its quirky individuality, including attractions as diverse as a public labyrinth, a bicycle pump track, 和年度 Lambs Down Park 羊的节日. It’s a great place to raise a family, enjoy your retirement, or work from home in a beautiful setting!

Cassidy’s is a 卡尔顿的地方 moving company, with an office in 自作主张 on GPK电子游戏娱乐’s eastern edge. So if your future includes a move to this pretty town, you’ll be glad to know that we’re just minutes away. Cassidy’s are the reliable movers, with over a century’s successful experience in 卡尔顿的地方 and the GPK电子游戏娱乐 area.

卡尔顿的地方 Ontario Moving

Our crew members are all fully 保税 and cleared. They are then carefully trained in the safest and best way to handle your belongings — that includes everyone from our professional packers to our forklift operators.

When you hire Cassidy’s, you can feel confident. Your move to 卡尔顿的地方 is in capable hands!

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卡尔顿的地方 Moving Services

Local Moving Services For 卡尔顿的地方

Many people are so fond of 卡尔顿的地方 that they never want to leave. If you’re one of them, moving might mean simply heading to a new home within the community.

Planning a local move in 卡尔顿的地方 means you can do a lot of the advance work yourself if you choose. That why moving with Cassidy’s is ideal; we allow you flexibility. Choose the level of service you want — you can DIY chores like packing boxes and disassembling furniture… or leave everything up to our skilled full-service moving crew.

Not sure exactly how you’d like to organize your moving? 没有问题. Just get in touch with Cassidy’s, and we’ll have a 卡尔顿的地方 Moving Consultant assess the size of your move. Based on that information, we will provide accurate price quotes for our various moving services so you can make the right decision.

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Long Distance Moving Services To 卡尔顿的地方

If you’re going to be moving long distance to 卡尔顿的地方, prepare to be impressed. You’re coming to a place that combines a small town spirit with sophisticated amenities.

Cassidy’s, as movers serving 卡尔顿的地方, will help make it happen. With our capable help, you’ll settle in smoothly, whether your long distance move is from another town, another province, or another country.

Talk with us about our long distance moving services and choose what best suits your household needs and budget. Then relax and focus on must-dos like registering your kids in a 卡尔顿的地方 school or saying goodbye to your old friends.

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Long Distance Moving Services From 卡尔顿的地方

A long distance move away from 卡尔顿的地方 can bring up mixed emotions. There’s the excitement that comes with imagining a new location and new experiences, mingled with sadness at leaving your old community. And, of course, the stress that comes along with nearly every move.

Cassidy knows how you feel. Our job is making your transition more straightforward, whether you’ll be moving hundreds or thousands of kilometres away, within Canada or internationally.

We offer a customizable selection of moving services, giving you the freedom to pick and choose exactly what you need. Select packing boxes and other moving supplies (perhaps a self-storage container), or opt for a hands-off, full-service move. Cassidy’s will make it happen.

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Moving Supplies

When you’re doing some or all of your own packing, quality moving supplies rank high on the list of pre-move stressbusters.

Cassidy’s is your 卡尔顿的地方 moving specialist. We’re stocked with all the supplies you’ll need on hand to save your precious time and pack your stuff securely. No more fiddling around with an odd assortment of grocery boxes or tape that constantly tangles!

Here’s a sampling of what we have for you:

  • Moving cartons in the sizes you need — 2, 4, or 5 cubic feet
  • Specialty cartons, such as mirror moving boxes
  • Clean, ink-free packing paperMattress bags
  • 移动的毯子
  • And lots more goodies — just ask us. P.S. We deliver right to your door.

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Storage Containers

When you want your 卡尔顿的地方 move to go at your own pace… or when you’ll need to store some of your things, Cassidy’s has the solution.

A storage container will give you the flexibility you’re looking for. We’ll drop it off, and then you load it at a speed that suits you. When you’re done, 请求皮卡, and we will transport the filled container — either to your new home or to our secure storage facility, 如你所愿.

You can have your items stored for a day, a week, or several years. It’s an excellent solution when you’re moving long distance for a temporary assignment or when you’ll need some time to search for a home in your new location.

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About Cassidy’s in 卡尔顿的地方

Cassidy’s is a proud Ontario moving company, founded in GPK电子游戏娱乐 in 1908. 做数学, and you’ll see that we have been serving 卡尔顿的地方 residents for more than a century.

We started out hauling baggage for train passengers. From there, our company branched into residential and business moving. Our continued growth and change included new ownership (in 1969 Gordon Robinson took over the reins) and the launch of an additional office in 自作主张.

Now we provide a full roster of expert moving services:

  • Local, long distance, or international moves
  • Corporate relocation
  • Global shipping
  • 运费 transport
  • Secure storage for short or long term

Whatever your moving needs, you can rely on Cassidy’s. Our movers are all background-checked, 保税, and trained in the safest, most efficient methods of packing and transportation. In fact, we give moving safety workshops to other businesses! A veteran mover with years of experience under their belt always leads our crews. This guarantees the best moving experience for our customers.

For long distance and international moving services, we partner with United Van Lines. We are also associated with the following professional bodies: the Better Business Bureau, CAM (the Canadian Association of Movers) and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Our environmental policy is an integral part of doing business responsibly. We use cutting-edge technology and high-standard maintenance for fuel efficiency with minimal emissions. Our locally sourced packing supplies are reused and recycled.

We’re Your 卡尔顿的地方 Movers

You’ll love living in 卡尔顿的地方. You’ll also love moving there with Cassidy’s local, affordable services. We know the community and we’ll go the extra kilometer to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Count on us for moving and storage services.

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