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8 Steps On How To Safely Pack Your House Plants For Moving

Packing plants is one of the trickiest moving chores. Plants can be fragile and temperamental prima donnas, 但如果你是一个真正忠诚的家庭园丁, you love them dearly and want to bring them along to enjoy your new home.

In the flurry of moving, what’s the best packing method to ensure healthy and happy plants? 不要害怕. We outline 8 steps on how to pack house plants for moving. 小贴士:提前计划是很重要的, the actual packing and loading should be done at the last minute!

1. Consider Provincial/International Plant Regulations

Are you about to get started with special boxes and bubble wrap? 稍等一下! 如果你在准备 长途或国际迁移, provincial or federal regulations may restrict the import of plants. This helps protect local crops against contagious diseases (such as powdery mildew) and infestation (like the Japanese beetle). Know before you go exactly which rules apply to the region you’ll be calling home. 例如,这里有 美国农业部要说什么.

2. 考虑新地点的气候

Each species has special preferences in terms of temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Make sure that the climate in the new location is suitable. This is most important when moving plants that spend at least part of the year outside. 然而, 即使你是在处理室内植物, you’ll need to check that your new home has a sheltered area with the right amount of light.

3. 报告房子植物

你的植物已经够脆弱的了. Trying to transport plants in ceramic pots will just add to the risk of damage. Instead, repot your beauties in shatterproof resin, metal, or plastic pots to 防止破损. 既然你这么做了, add a fresh supply of potting soil at least 2-3 weeks before moving day to allow them time to acclimate.

4. 保持房子植物

Ensure your plants will be in good condition for the move, with the following “spa treatments”:


Wipe leaves gently with a cloth moistened in a mild dish soap solution. 这样可以清除bug和灰尘. Allow leaves to dry several days before packing.


Pruning makes taller plants smaller and easier to pack, as well as encouraging healthy growth. 清除枯叶和枯枝. Then trim carefully… and give some cuttings to gardening buddies in your old neighbourhood. As with repotting, do this a few weeks in advance of moving day, so houseplants can adjust.

水 plants according to your usual schedule till a couple of days before the movers arrive. 避免在最后一分钟喷洒. 如果土壤太湿, 室内植物可能会结冰或发霉, depending on whether you’re moving in winter or 夏天. (浸泡过的土壤也增加了重量.)

5. 种植小型室内植物

Place small plants inside a sturdy moving box after first punching a few holes in the lid for air flow—Pad the top and sides with bubble wrap or shredded paper. Be sure to place boxes at the top of a stack so they don’t get crushed.

6. 包大的植物

Wrap larger plants in cones of packing paper the same height as the plant, 然后将每一株植物装入一个打开的纸盒中. This procedure keeps the plant upright and protects against harsh weather in transit. (即使是阳光直射也可能有害.)理想, put these “coneheads” on the floor of your car, 被纸或轻质硬纸板包围, 这样它们就不会倒塌.

7. 选择安全的交通工具

你的车, 不是移动的卡车, is the best way of transporting plants to their new digs (pun intended). You’ll be able to avoid extreme temperatures along the way — no icy-cold AC, please! 对于一个 当地GPK电子游戏娱乐移动, drive the plants over to your future home a day or two before the move, 这样他们就安全离开了. 对于一个长途 突发类移动, you’ll be on the road a few days; take your plant family inside with you when you stop for the night.

8. 期间照料你的室内植物 & 在你的移动

在旅途中检查你的植物. 避免极端温度. Bring water along so you can mist the plants if they start to droop in very hot weather. 冬天千万不要把它们放在没有暖气的车里.

你到了以后,要小心处理. Just like you, house plants will need some time and space to get used to their new surroundings. Put the pots in a well-ventilated, moderately bright spot, away from direct sun.


The most important tip of all: Hire a moving company that cares about you — and your plants. At Cassidy’s, we’ve made it our business to take good care of our customers for over a century. Customize your move with the level of service you’d like.



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